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Can we convert an incoming XML message to CCD format message

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  • Can we convert an incoming XML message to CCD format message


    I am trying to use Mirth connect to produce a CCD format message, my requirement is that the inbound message will be in xml format and the outbound message should be CCD. Is this possible in Mirth? If yes please can someone let me know how to achieve this. I have been able to parse a CCD document and get values from it using MDHT runtime jars in Mirth Connect but I am not able to figure out how to load a XML document as a source and generate CCD format document out of it.
    Any pointers in this direction will be really helpful.


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    Originally posted by Luke Hobbs
    Post very nicely written and it contains useful facts. I am happy to find your distinguished way of writing the post. Thanks a lot.
    What facts are you speaking about? The topic starter just has some problem and looking for a solution...


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      Any updates on this?

      Any update on this? I am going through the same situation. Need to convert XML message to CCD message..


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        You should read the help guide first. There are a few possible options of doing that.


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          Anyone reached to Solution?

          I am struggling with the same situation & not able to find out the exact way to extract components from CCD like Allergies, medications, Encounters. Its very much straight forward to extract Patient demographic data but complex to extract the Clinical data using MDHT.

          It would be great if anyone can post the sample channel, too many developers are waiting for the solution, looks from threads running on this forum.