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  • OsHealthCon 2010

    This is posted on behalf of Fred Trotter:

    It is time to start planning the follow-on to last years FOSSHealth.

    We are changing the name to OSHealthCon. The conference will be in Houston again, but later in the year: Sept 29/30 2010. This is the only conference in the US that is exclusively focused on being a between-project Open Source in Healthcare meeting place. You can register here:

    This year, everything should be better, we have plans to improve almost everything in the conference, especially the video, which was pretty terrible. (That's why we did not publish everything to youtube etc)

    The facility is nicer (and cheaper) but it also smaller. We have only space for exactly the same number of people who came last year. Last year the "coupon codes" made me dizzy. This year, we are trying something totally different. We are doing aggressive sliding scale pricing. People who signup first pay as little as $50. People who signup later pay as much as $300. We are using this method in order to help community members self-fund the trip.

    Soon, I will publicly announce the conference and start promoting the conference all over the Internet. For now, I am just announcing the start of ticket sales on the project forums/mailing lists. Please note that this early notice -is- the "project member discount", if you register now it costs almost nothing, if you wait until the general public is buying it will be much more expensive.

    This is also a call for speakers. I really would like to have some solid mirth talks. I would really like to have some details about how to get mirth to work with VistA or project X.

    Again, there are no discount codes, so act now or it gets expensive.

    Fred Trotter
    Jacob Brauer
    Director, Software Development
    NextGen Healthcare