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Mirthix - Zabbix monitoring channel for Mirth Connect

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  • Mirthix - Zabbix monitoring channel for Mirth Connect

    Hi !

    I would like to share my work regarding Zabbix monitoring and Mirth Connect: Mirthix.
    It's a Zabbix protocol implementation for Mirth Connect. It provides direct monitoring capabilities with a channel acting like Zabbix agent.
    Sources, Mirth channel and Zabbix template are available at:

    I hope it will be useful !

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    Thanks for sharing, this looks pretty cool. Some of that code looks familiar

    Not sure if it was intentional or not, but it's nice that your channel was exported in an older version of mirth. It makes it much more accessible than using the latest and greatest.


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      Hi ! Thanks again for your help with ByteBuffers !

      In facts, this channel was designed to work with the old version of Mirth we are running.
      I use internal Mirth functions from controllers (com.mirth.connect.server.controllers) which may not be available on updated version.
      I hope this channel will work with more recent versions of Mirth (no feedback at this time).

      Ideas for improvement are welcome !


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        I don't run zabbix, but I might spin one up to see how it works.


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          hey guys - we're trying to get this project implemented and running into some issues. see my forum post here

          any help trying to figure this out would be greatly appreciated! this would be a huge win for our team in providing visibility and alerting around mirth channel statistics and ive been banging my head on this for 2 weeks trying to get it working!



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            Thank you for valuable information.
            Clinical Research


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              It's been a while but Mirthix just got updated to work with Zabbix 4.
              Open issues on Github as I'm not reading Mirth forum frequently.
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                Thanks guys for sharing this valuable information..It is pretty useful