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Open Source Health IT Unconference during OSCON

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  • Open Source Health IT Unconference during OSCON

    Mirth Community,

    You are invited to attend the “Open Source Health IT Hallway Unconference” with Fred Trotter and The DocGraph Journal, taking place during OSCON 2014.

    Unconference Eventbrite link:

    This gathering will take place in the Exhibit Hall of OSCON during the same days of the event. It is not an official portion of the conference, but rather a way for forward-thinking Health IT nuts to get together and discuss their ideas while enjoying the concurrent open-source festivities.

    To join us, make sure to register for OSCON! We highly recommend purchasing an All-Access or multi-day pass to take advantage of all the conference has to offer, but just a $25 Exhibit Hall Pass will allow you to attend our Unconference.

    At this time it is not possible for DocGraph to sponsor separately from OSCON, but if you make arrangements to sponsor the official conference or provide an Exhibit Booth there, we will make sure you have special access and privileges at our affair! We are also looking for travel sponsorships for those who would add significant value to the event, but cannot afford the travel.

    If the costs of travel or registration are a challenge for you, we can help you find a scholarship fund. Please let us know if this is something you need to attend (and why we should spare scarce resources on you), and we will be happy to lend assistance if at all possible.

    So bring your awesome brain and stellar personality to OSCON, and kick it with us at the Unconference!


    Alma Trotter
    [email protected]

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    The Unconference will be held Sunday and Monday during OSCON (July 20-21)



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      I will be at this conference because it's good to stay up to date and in touch with these activities, it's good for health and for knowledge.


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        That's great! We are looking forward to meeting you. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.



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          Will you have something similar at the beginning of 2015? Would like to attend.


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            Valuable information.Thanks for sharing.
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