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Custom Webservice - Multiple Methods

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  • Custom Webservice - Multiple Methods

    I'm implementing a Custom Webservice with 3 methods.

    Mirth is generating the SOAP response correctly with the operation selected.

    How can i identify the operation with is called in Mirth? I dont want to add text to the return of the webservice for the identification

    Could i add a channelMap.put directly in the webservice code for identification?

        public String OP1(@WebParam(name="data")String data) {
        	return webServiceMessageReceiver.processData(data);
        public String OP2(@WebParam(name="data")String data) {
            return webServiceMessageReceiver.processData(data);

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    That's a good idea, and would now be very easy to do in 3.0. I've added an issue for it: MIRTH-3038

    In the meantime, the best way to do that is to build up XML with the actual payload and other metadata, and pass that into processData instead.
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    Always include what Mirth Connect version you're working with. Also include (if applicable) the code you're using and full stacktraces for errors (use CODE tags). Posting your entire channel is helpful as well; make sure to scrub any PHI/passwords first.

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      Thanks a lot