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Automate Custom Mirth Installation

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  • Automate Custom Mirth Installation

    Hello ,

    I'm interesting , is any possibility to automate custom Mirth installation , i.e. :

    1. include additional db drivers ( with appropriate modification of dbdrivers.xml )
    2. include "predeployed" Channels

    so that after first start Mith would have the "predeployed" Channels just "Started" ?

    And any more question :
    What allows option appeared at installation :
    "Create installation scriptto repeat this installation ?"
    What kind of repeat is intended ?

    Thank you for resnonse

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    Re:Automate Custom Mirth Installation

    You can do both of these:

    1. Copy conf/dbdrivers.xml and lib/custom to each directory.
    2. Use shell to script import and deploy commands after installation is complete.

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      Re:Automate Custom Mirth Installation

      Thank you very much !

      correct me if i wrong : p.1 we do after install is complete executing some cmd-file ?

      and also , could you shortly explain how to do that :
      p.2 "Use shell to script import and deploy commands after installation is complete."

      (Perhaps I missed something , I don't seen so far any notes in documentation about such functionality )


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        Re:Automate Custom Mirth Installation

        Sorry for my inconvenience
        i found Shell.bat in installation dir
        and its short description in readme.txt (
        also i guess "help" command in shell

        for other newbies like me :
        shell allows you to connect to a running Mirth server through a command line interface and execute some useful commands :
        ================================================== =====================================
        Available Commands:
        Returns status of deployed channels
        Starts all Channels
        Stops all Channels
        Pauses all Channels
        Resumes all Channels
        deploy {timeout}
        Deploys all Channels with optional timeout (in seconds)
        import "path"
        Imports channel specified by <path>
        export id|"name"|* "path"
        Exports the specified channel to <path>
        importcfg "path"
        Imports configuration specified by <path>
        exportcfg "path"
        Exports the configuration to <path>
        channel start|stop|pause|resume|stats id|"name"|*
        Performs specified channel action
        channel remove|enable|disable id|"name"|*
        Remove, enable or disable specified channel
        channel list
        Lists all Channels
        Removes all messages from all Channels
        Removes all stats from all Channels
        dump stats|events "path"
        Dumps stats or events to specified file
        user list
        Returns a list of the current users
        user add username "password" "name" "email"
        Adds the specified user
        user remove id|username
        Removes the specified user
        user changepw id|username "newpassword"
        Changes the specified user's password
        Quits Mirth Shell
        ================================================== ===================================

        one thing remains still unknown to me :
        is there a way to run shell.bat with parameter(s) to get it a list of commands for execution.
        for example , a batch of commans : stop channels , import new channel , deploy it.


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          Re:Automate Custom Mirth Installation

          i found the last question answer from :

          shell.bat could have -s switch followed by name of command file

          thank u!


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            Re:Automate Custom Mirth Installation

            small correction :
            switch could be placed into start.bat