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Different TCP connections sharing destination port

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  • Different TCP connections sharing destination port

    Hi all,

    I have to interact with a host with TCP connections from two different sources (labs & inpatient systems) to one destination with the same port, first a TCP connection with buffer of 256 and the second with 512 buffer TCP connection.

    At this point I tried to develop two channels with two different destinations to the host but sharing same destination port. The systems doesn't work because one of the channels never start.

    Second watch.... two different channels sending with a Channel writter destinations. This destination channel is the same channel for both sources. At this destination channel I try to send to the same host and port filtering the content. If the message meets the requirements is sent by the first destination, and same with the second destination. Of course both destinations are exclusive.

    Now messages are processed by source channels but they never arrive to destination channel. I know that this is very complex matter but....any hints?, any easier channel design?.

    Thanks in advance for your patience and help!

    Ricard Bernat