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Generating Custom LLP Nacks

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  • Generating Custom LLP Nacks

    Hi All!

    I know that this topic has been discussed off and on but I'm still a bit confused on exactly how to get something like this working ....

    I want to set up an LLP listener to receive HL7 messages and have those messages written to a file. I've done this sort of thing many times so that's not the issue. The wrinkle here is that I'd like to send the other side of the LLP connection (i.e., the sending system) a NACK if there's a problem writing the message to the destination file. The reason for doing this is so that the sending interface engine (SUN's eGate) can then respond appropriately to the NACK, i.e., in this case shut down the connection so that I receive a page (again - the sending system is the one doing the paging - not Mirth).

    So: What steps, generally, are necessary on the Mirth side to generate an HL7 NACK to the sending system based on a "custom" condition encountered in the destination step of the channel?

    I've noticed that when similar topics are discussed in other threads there's mention of using something like "ResponseMap.put(connector,ResponseFactory.getSucc essResponse (ack_message));" as well as "connectorMap.put" and so forth but it's unclear to me how these things should be used and in what order. Would anyone be willing to share a channel they've created that does something like I've described above?

    Additionally - and especially for the folks that have figured this out on their own - where the heck did you find documentation on how to used these things correctly? Especially ResponseMap and ResponseFactory. Is there a Mirth API available somewhere that has this stuff layed out?

    Anyhoo - thanks in Advance for any info you're able to provide!!!!

    Bob Dilworth
    Toledo, Ohio

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    Bob Dilworth
    University of Toledo Medical Center
    Toledo, Ohio

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    Re:Generating Custom LLP Nacks

    Bob -

    Check out :

    It uses HTTP, but the method of doing a custom response is similar. It is located in the post processor.

    People are mainly figuring these things out via trial and error, searching the forum or on the IRC channel. We're working hard on full documentation, but there is A LOT to cover and it changes rapidly.
    Chris Lang