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Saving an ORM and then sending it later issue

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  • Saving an ORM and then sending it later issue

    I am needing to figure out a way to save entire order messages in either a database or a file and then send those messages once we receive a specific ADT message. I am trying to figure out the best way to do this. The order messages we are needing to "hold" will be missing PID.3 (MRN#) and we are waiting for the ADT (usually an A04) that will have the MRN# we need to put into PID.3.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this ?

    Right now, I am thinking about saving these in an individual file with the account# (PID.18) as the file name. However, I cannot figure out how to get the account # in the file name. I then want to search for this file based on the incoming ADT message account#. If there is a match, I want to pull this file through.

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    Channel_A receives the HL7 messages. If MRN# not there, writes to /tmp. If MRN# there, move appropriate file(s) to /process.

    Channel_B scans /process for messages.


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      I can get it to create a file with the visit # as the file name, but the next issue I have is how to use an ADT message with the MRN# as a trigger to send the order message. Also, I have to use the MRN# from the ADT and put it in the order message before I send it.


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        Here is a channel that you can tweak.

        Missing MRN.xml


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          Thanks Cory! I will see what I can do!!!