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  • Help with Simple channel ASAP

    I'm newie in this tecnology and I need to do a simple channel that takes XML, to transform it to HL7v2.x and write it in a file.
    I have been searching for any example and I realized I don't have any idea of how can I do any simple format transformation. I have downloaded the read file and write file channel from your examples and I have tried to introduce a step in the destination transformer but it doesn't work anyway. Please could you give me a simple channel that makes a transformation like XML-->HL7? Or could you guide me?

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    Re:Help with Simple channel ASAP

    I have a similar problem. I am trying to convert XML to HL7. I have been able to set up a bit of a transformer, which "works" except that after the transform, I get an error.
    It seems to choke on the & in the MSH delimiters section, but not completely sure.
    Is there an example somewhere, or more documentation....anything?