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Is it possible to convert a Word Doc to a PDF using Mirth?

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  • Is it possible to convert a Word Doc to a PDF using Mirth?

    Hi there

    Just putting out some feelers to see if this is possible, I've had a look around and cannot see anything to say it is or it isn't but I thought I ask.

    I have an HL7 message that contains an UNC path to a Word Document. In simple terms, I need Mirth to pick up that document and convert it to a PDF and then send a link to the PDF via an HL7 message.

    Is this possible or am I in a dreamland?

    Many thanks in advance

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    Yes, it is definitely possible. The may be an easy way....


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      Thank you, that looks cool, and please excuse my ignorance, I'm new to Java and Mirth, but how do I get Mirth to do that?

      Many thanks


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        It seems that the mirth is powerful enough to convert doc to pdf files easily.I have tried to convert pdf files,it's easy.I often covert pdf to image formats using another pdf convertor before.I found it's a little bit difficult


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          Excellent - thank you for this Abigail, I will give it a go