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  • Mirth & PostGreSQL

    Using Mirth Connect and PostgreSQL 1.12.2...

    When performing maintenance on the PostgreSQL database ie: vacuum and reindex, the reindex is stopping all activity in Mirth. Is this normal?

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    REINDEX is going to cause performance issues as it is taking place, as it does for most databases.

    REINDEX locks out writes, but not reads, of the index's parent table. It also takes an exclusive lock on the specific index being processed, which will block reads that attempt to use that index.

    The subsequent CREATE INDEX locks out writes, but not reads; since the index is not there, no read will attempt to use it, meaning that there will be no blocking but reads might be forced into expensive sequential scans.


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      Thank you very much for the explanation.


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        Table Size

        I had several channels set to keep 90 or 180 days worth of messages. I have now set them all to 30. My hope is that once these messages purge, the reindex won't take as long to perform. Am I correct in this line of thinking? Also, if this is the case, will a basic vacuum clear out that space so the following reindex will run quicker, or will I need to perform a vacuum-full to accomplish this?


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          That is correct thinking but unless you have a lot of traffic or large messages 60-150 days won't increase the time noticably.


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            When performing the vacuum, do I need to just use the default, or select the "full" to hopefully increase reindex speed?