Mirth Connect 4.2.0 Released!

Mirth Connect 4.2.0 is now available as an appliance update and on our GitHub page.

This is a major release containing new features like streamlining the process of selecting a listener port, adding the usernames to the overwriting channel changes warning message, adding additional, sortable columns to the Events screen, and being able to select multiple messages when sending messages through a channel. We also added new message integrity features like adding new JavaScript utility methods for hashing channel messages and automatically hashing outgoing messages. This release also contains enhancements for the Mirth Connect Administrator Launcher and several bug fixes, security improvements, and updates to the commercial extensions. See the release notes for the list of fixes and updates.

Download | See What's New | Upgrade Guide | Release Notes

For discussion on this release, see this thread.
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Deployment Error: Content is not allowed in prolog

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  • rseay
    Reeployment Error: Content is not allowed in pro

    OK, we finally managed to upgrade successfully, and this issue has now vanished. I'm not sure how I managed to post this message twice, but I apologize for spamming the forum.

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  • rseay
    started a topic Deployment Error: Content is not allowed in prolog

    Deployment Error: Content is not allowed in prolog

    We are getting the following error on deployment. There were several channels enabled, so we disabled them one by one to see which was the problem. At this point there are no channels enabled, but we still get the same message. Note, we've not upgraded to 1.6.1 yet. We are still using 1.5.0.

    Here's the text of the error message.

    com.webreach.mirth.client.core.ClientException: method failed: HTTP/1.1 500 n: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Content is not allowed in prolog.
    com.webreach.mirth.client.core.ServerConnection.ex ecutePostMethod(
    com.webreach.mirth.client.core.Client.deployChanne ls(
    com.webreach.mirth.client.ui.Frame$70.doInBackgrou nd(
    com.webreach.mirth.client.ui.Frame$70.doInBackgrou nd(
    org.jdesktop.swingworker.SwingWorker$ n Source)
    java.util.concurrent.FutureTask$Sync.innerRun(Futu a:123) Source)
    java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ Task(
    java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ (