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Running mirth administrator without webstart

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  • Running mirth administrator without webstart

    There is no 64-bit version of Java webstart (see:, so I cannot launch the Mirth Administrator the normal way.

    Since webstart just grabs a bunch of jars, puts them on the classpath and runs the main() method of one of its classes, I figure I should be able to rig up an environment to do this.

    When I grab the relevant JARs out of the mirth.war and try to run the main class (com.webreach.mirth.client.ui.Mirth) I do get the login screen. But on logging in I get the message:

    The version of this client does not match the version
    of the server. Please clear your Java cache and
    relaunch the client from the server webpage.
    Any idea how I can get around this problem?

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    Re:Running mirth administrator without webstart

    Additional info: after adding a '' to my classpath and setting the default logging level to DEBUG, I get more info, log attached.

    The problem seems to be the response from the server, which is returning a "406 Not Acceptable" HTTP status. mirth_client.txt (12464 bytes)

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      Re:Running mirth administrator without webstart

      run the main class with "-v 0.0.0" as an argument. This will bypass the version check.
      Chris Lang


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        Re:Running mirth administrator without webstart

        Boy, that was silly -- I could have just looked in the ...ui.Mirth class and found:

        if (args.length > 1)
            server = args[0];
            version = args[1];
            server = "[url]https://localhost:8443";[/url]
            version = "";
        So using the server address + "0.0.0" as separate arguments did the trick -- thanks!

        (BTW, using a trailing '/' on the server address, while it is a valid URL, results in a slightly misleading error: "There was a problem authenticating the information that was entered. Please verify that the server is up and running and that the user information is valid.")


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          Re:Running mirth administrator without webstart

          I built mirth 1.7.1 and can run the server in Eclipse. But I want to run the client administrator. When I attempt to do so with webstart, it fails

          mirth-client.jnlp (The system cannot find the file specified)

          I am out of my comfort zone as I am neither a java developer nor a web applications developer by trade.

          Would someone please tell me the exact steps to be rig up an environment so that I can launch the client without using webstart?



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            Re:Running mirth administrator without webstart

            This is the problem I'm stuck on.

            I guess that it's a problem related to the Jetty configuration, perhaps the paths where the jnlp files are incorrectly specified when running from Eclipse ... but I've tried many configurations unsuccesfully.

            I anyone can share any clue I'll update the wiki section, but I still haven't found the solution for this

            See you!


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              Re:Running mirth administrator without webstart

              I noticed it was looking for mirth-client.jnlp in the wrong location (not in the server directory, but in the parent dir of the server dir). I copied both mirth-client.jnlp and activation.jnlp into this directory.



              And now I'm able to launch the manager.