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Microsoft Access question

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  • Microsoft Access question

    Does mirth support reading from an MS Access database?

    If so, how do you connect?


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    Re:Microsoft Access question

    I have successfully connected to a MS Access database in the past using Mirth. To do this, set the driver to "Sun JDBC-ODBC Bridge" and use the following connection string:
    However, I have run into some problems with the JDBC-ODBC bridge driver included with Mirth. We cannot control the behavior of this driver and we cannot include proprietary drivers in the release, so I recommend using a commercial driver for this if you run into problems using it.

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    Brendan Haverlock | Mirth Software Engineer | Mirth Corporation


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      Re:Microsoft Access question

      Wonder if any updated information on successful connections to MS Access databases...

      thanks very much !!!


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        Re:Microsoft Access question

        The JDBC OBDC bridge that brendanh suggested is still the only way to get at it.

        Does that work for you or did you run into trouble?
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          Re:Microsoft Access question

          Thanks ! Just exploring possible use with MS Access at this point -not testing or implementing. Already have many points already using Access, so to avoid trouble perhaps workaround via MySQL - or commercial driver route. Thanks again!