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  • Mirth and OpenMQ

    I have been playing with Mirth for a few weeks now and am trying to get Mirth to send data to a OpenMQ remote JMS instance. The issue I am running into is that I keep getting the following exception:

    Caused by: com.sun.messaging.jms.JMSException: [C4003]: Error occurred on connection creation [localhost:7676]. - cause: Connection refused: connect
    I have used OpenMQ for a while now in other projects and have not had any issues in connecting remote but I am unsure what connection properties I need to set to get to the remote location. I have tried imqAddressList which based on my reading should work but connections always attempt to connect to localhost:7676. If I create a localhost:7676 instance it works great but is not a real world example we would implement.

    I have attached the listener for reference.

    Please advise.
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