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  • Beginner Question outbound Channel

    Dear All,

    we are planning to design system which captures ORM events and send it to LLP channel on particular port .Do we have to define for each ORM event like new order,order cancelled,order modified etc. by having separte outbound channel.Is it possible to have one outbound channel which based on event generates different HL7 messages?

    the data is polled on one table based on flag the order type is defined.

    How to go about this?

    Thanks for the help in advance.


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    Re: Beginner Question outbound Channel

    You can define multiple destinations on a single outbound channel. Each destination controls the outgoing message (in the transformer/outgoing data tab). You can even have a channel receiving HL7v2 and sending out XML, X12 and HL7v3 on a single channel.

    Chris Lang


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      Re: Beginner Question outbound Channel

      Can we define a single outbound channel which based on order events sends different HL7 messages to same LLP Channel?

      In our case the data is taken from database and transformed to HL7 message using mirth.

      order event ORM^NW -------> Out bound Channel [SAY testoutbound]----> LLP Channel [For Example: LLP Channel listening on port 8080].

      order event ORM^CA -------> Out bound Channel [testoutbound] ----> LLP Channel [SAME LLP CHANNEL].

      data is polled from database say worklist_pacs table having flag to differentiate orders.

      Flag N indicates New Order
      Flag C indicates cancelled order

      How we can configure common outbound channel?




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        Re: Beginner Question outbound Channel

        As I understand, it should be possible with a valid HL7 template and JavaScript Transformer steps. You might want to try a few OUTBOUND samples to get familiar with how HL7 template, JavaScript transformer steps could be used to send an HL7 message out. Refer to FileRepository, Wiki and posts in Support/Developer forum. Hope it helps! If you still have questions, post your HL7 template/channel.