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  • Convert DOB to Age

    Happy Monday everyone!

    I have done some digging and can't seem to find anything to use a transformer to convert a DOB to a number to reflect the actual age of the patient.

    This is for an ORM.
    I want to grab the DOB from PID.7 convert it to a number then create a single OBX line to include this information "PATIENT AGE: XX". There are no other OBX lines.

    Any thoughts?
    Mirth ver. (yes an upgrade is in order)

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      You can also use JodaTime:

      var dob = org.joda.time.format.DateTimeFormat.forPattern('YYYYMMdd').parseDateTime(msg.PID['PID.7']['PID.7.1'].toString());'Patient Age: '+org.joda.time.Years.yearsBetween(dob,new org.joda.time.DateTime()).getYears());
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        happy Monday to you from me and have a nice Monday and i think 2nd# user is saying rightly that You should also use JodaTime:Thanks
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          Not sure I fully understood the question properly but this is my understanding of your question . How to use patient 'date of Birth' to estimate the current patient age. I have a requirement like this in the past and this is how I solved it below.

          1. First step : Create a some sort of Javascript function in Code Template and this should be available as user define function which you can call within the channel transformer or filter . You might need to modify the example of javscript below to tailor to your need .

          function calculatePersonAge(dateOfBirth)
          /* Format the Patient date of Birth as yyyy/MM/dd
          calling function method global variable and format the date input value:
          The date of birth must be in a 8 digits value same as HL7 format

          dateOfBirth = DateUtil.convertDate("yyyyMMdd", "yyyy/MM/dd", dateOfBirth); // Format date of birth

          var dob = new Date(dateOfBirth);
          // Capture the month patient born
          var Pmonth = dob.getMonth();
          // Set the day of the month patient born
          var Pdate = dob.getDate();
          // what year the patient born?
          var Pyear = dob.getFullYear();

          var today = new Date();
          var sys_date = today.getDate();
          var sys_Month = today.getMonth();
          var sys_Year = today.getFullYear();

          // Now, subtract the system and Person Dates

          var Age = sys_Year - Pyear;
          var theMonth = sysMonth - Pmonth;
          var theDate = sys_Date - Pdate;

          if (sysMonth < Pmonth || (sys_Month == Pmonth && sys_Date < Pdate)) Age--;
          // document.write("Your age today is :" + Age); Just for testing purpose
          return Age;
          // Log the error for human readable text
          logger.debug("Error occur " + ex + " " + "'(" + "at" + Date().now + "')");


          step 2

          Lastly you will need to call the function from your Reference Lists and pass the value of your PID.7 and that should return a actual integer value as a patient Age . Hope that help .
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