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Oracle DB procedure call problem between Windows and Linux

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  • Oracle DB procedure call problem between Windows and Linux

    I have following problem with calling Oracle DB procedure from Windows and Linux

    We develop channel that calls Oracle DB procedure with input and output parameters.
    Our code looks like this:

    var dbConn = java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection($('dbConnecti onString').toString(),$('dbUser').toString(),$('db Password').toString());
    var statement = dbConn.nativeSQL("{call bsn_eliste_pkg.dohvati_termin(?,?,to_date(?,'rrrrM Mddhh24miss'),?,?,?,?,?,?)}");
    var spstmt = dbConn.prepareCall(statement);

    //... setting input parameters and registering output parameters omitted


    The proble is following when we deploy this channel on Mirth running on Windows machine it works just fine and returns correct results but when we deploy the same channel on Mirth running on Linux machine for sam input parameters we get different results that are not correct.

    Did someone run into similar problem an what we are doing wrong.

    We are running Mirth Connect but we also try latest version and try to install MIrth on RedHat and Ubuntu with same result.
    We also tried to install mirth on different windows machines an on each machine it returns the same result that is correct while on each Linux machine it returns also the same result but different than on windows machine