Mirth Connect 4.3.0 Released!

Mirth Connect 4.3.0 is now available as an appliance update and on our GitHub page.

This is a major release containing new features like adding new functionality to the Mirth Connect Setup Wizard, adding the ability for resource and channel-specific classloaders to load child-first or parent-first, and added a default implementation of the getObjectsForSwaggerExamples() method in the ServicePlugin class. This release also contains enhancements for the Mirth Connect Administrator Launcher, the Mirth Connect Docker images, and several bug fixes and security improvements.

Download | See What's New | Upgrade Guide | Release Notes

For discussion on this release, see this thread.
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TCP - TCP connection

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  • TCP - TCP connection

    Can you use this product to listen to an HL7 message and retransmit it?

    I'm working on a project where my destination listener sometimes hangs on larger messages if it recevies it from the network.

    I've used HL7 tools to intercept and retransmit the very message (on the destiantion machine) and it handles the messages correctly. I'm hoping to install Mirth on my destination machine intercept the message and retransmit back to the localhost but to a different port.

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    Re:TCP - TCP connection

    Yes, you can do that. I use this product for that purpose and it works well.


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      Re:TCP - TCP connection

      How did you configure this? As a single channel or two channels that writes to a database and then retransmits?


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        Re:TCP - TCP connection

        I have created a channel to receive the messages and uses a Channel writer to post msgs to a second channel, this second one updates the database and forward messages to other destinations 3 parsers in different machines, this way I can keep historical data for a while. if you try to create queued messages that are kept in mirth for too long the database size increases too rapidly and mirth could become slow. Also I'm sure you could set it up in many different ways. This is just how I set it up internally

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          Re:TCP - TCP connection

          On my test system I've created a LLP Listener and a LLP Transmitter and it seemed to work when I transmited to Mirth using a HL7 Simulator.

          I did notice it does not move as fast as I had hoped and I did apply the new patch. My test box however isn't that well geared for performance.

          I'm going to try to move this onto my actual server and give this a shot.


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            Re:TCP - TCP connection

            I've now set this up on my production box and I've tried setting it up two different ways.

            The first way has the LLP Listener and LLP Sender on the same channel. This one is giving me errors some times stating that the destanation has received too many errors. (I have another topic started with the details on this)

            The second way I've tried setting it up was to have one LLP Listener with a destination of a Channel Writer. Then I create a second channel that uses a Channel Reader and then transmitts through a LLP Sender.

            Using this method I'm noticing that the Listener to Channel writer channel is recieving messages faster than the other channel is processing them. The second channel is reporting that it's receiving the messages but when you add up the number of error or sent the numbers are WAY off. So what happens to the messages that are received but not processed yet when using this method?