Mirth Connect 4.3.0 Released!

Mirth Connect 4.3.0 is now available as an appliance update and on our GitHub page.

This is a major release containing new features like adding new functionality to the Mirth Connect Setup Wizard, adding the ability for resource and channel-specific classloaders to load child-first or parent-first, and added a default implementation of the getObjectsForSwaggerExamples() method in the ServicePlugin class. This release also contains enhancements for the Mirth Connect Administrator Launcher, the Mirth Connect Docker images, and several bug fixes and security improvements.

Download | See What's New | Upgrade Guide | Release Notes

For discussion on this release, see this thread.
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Database Reader to LLP Sender

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  • Database Reader to LLP Sender

    I am new with mirth and I was hoping somebody could walk me through setting up a Database Reader to LLP Sender Connection. I'm always having the "Failed to transform message before applying the filter". I have attached the XML file of my channel. Thanks. DB_TO_LLP.xml (11510 bytes)

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