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FileReader and flag file

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  • FileReader and flag file

    Hi again,

    I've used a FileReader and here's my question:

    How to prevent Mirth from reading incomplete file during a concurrent "my SW write" and "Mirth read" on filesystem?

    It is possible to have Mirth looking for a flag file and then reading a message file.
    So "my SW" can freely write message file and then the flag file.

    Obviously mirth shold then move / delete both file.

    Actually seems not to be possible.

    Stefano Mastrogiacomo

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    Re:FileReader and flag file

    A FILE LOCKING scheme can be used. "my SW write" will need to request and obtain an exclusive lock before they write, and release the lock after writing to the file.

    The following article has good info on File Locking:

    Mirth only reads the files that are not locked. I have tested Mirth with 10,000+ message files being written out at about 45 messages/minute. If the host HL7 system handles file locking correctly Mirth works fine.

    Hope it helps!