I have been creating a set of 8 channels 4 are LLP senders and 4 are MLLP listeners. When trying to create the 9th I have a parsing error... if I disable one of the channels I can then deply the new channel.

here is the error when deploying:

org.mule.config.ConfigurationException: Failed to parse configuration resource "/usr/share/mirth/conf/mule-config.xml" (org.mule.config.ConfigurationException)
at org.mule.config.builders.MuleXmlConfigurationBuild er.configure(MuleXmlConfigurationBuilder.java:196)
at com.webreach.mirth.server.Mirth.startMule(Mirth.ja va:178)
at com.webreach.mirth.server.Mirth.restartMule(Mirth. java:160)
at com.webreach.mirth.server.Mirth.run(Mirth.java:115 )
Caused by: org.mule.config.ConfigurationException: Failed to parse configuration resources...

I have looked into the conf files xml seem to be chopped off - it is missing closing etc. I will try to attach the file to this thread when I back on site. If any one has any ideas. I appreciate the help. I wonder if that might also be happen when creating large scripts within the mule-config.xml

Any ideas???

Thanks in advance.