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code template viewer rearranges functions?

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  • code template viewer rearranges functions?


    We've developed a library of code templates and external scripts.

    I was tasked to look at converting our external scripts into code template functions (in order to reduce the number of artifacts that need to be deployed, maintained, etc.)

    Now the template viewer/editor suggests one function per template, so that's how I did it. I noticed, however, that when I got up to about 20 templates that they started spontaneously rearranging themselves.
    This happens even if I delete everything and re-import the templates from the saved XML. (Although it looks fine right after importing ... the change doesn't manifest itself until you switch away from code template view and switch back.)

    What I would like is to have the utility functions at the top of the list, followed by the "router"/dispatcher functions, followed by channel- and/or message-specific stuff.

    Anyone have any insight on this?