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sftp error - connection is closed by foreign host

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  • sftp error - connection is closed by foreign host

    I want to send a test file to an sftp site. On my Destinations tab, I have the Connector Type set to File Writer, and Method set to sftp. I have the name of the server in the first sftp window, and the fully qualified path in the second sftp window.

    When I deploy the channel, or attempt a Test Write, I get the following:

    Unable to connect to : sftp://(server)port)/(path), Reason: connection is closed by foreign host.

    I can connect to the site via FileZilla, and I can even transfer files.

    Is there possibly something I need to adjust in the sftp fields? Is there a configuration setting that needs to be set on the destination server?

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    Eh, nevermind. I got the first error when I did not include the port info. Now it's running just fine.

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