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Passing XML Data Through HTTP

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  • Passing XML Data Through HTTP

    I am implementing a simple demonstration scenario where I need to accept an HTTP post request that contains two parameters, one is an action and the other is an XML payload. I need to parse the XML payload to extract a few fields, which are persisted in a database, and then pass the message along to an external HTTP server, which is expecting the message in the original format including the hidden parameters. The response from the external service is then returned to the client.

    My questions are;

    - How do I pass an HTTP post request along to the HTTP Sender without altering the content? I believe what I want to do is to simply pass along the raw data, but the interface forces me to set it to a property so it is put on the wire as property=<raw data>.
    - How can I extract and work with the http post hidden parameters?
    - How can I parse XML to extract a subset of the elements contained in the original document? Xpath comes to mind. As a follow up, how would those be sent to the database writer?