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Add "response filter/transformer" to destination connectors

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  • Add "response filter/transformer" to destination connectors

    I've opened a new JIRA issue:

    This is a further improvement of issue 2089.

    The LLP Sender updates the status of the destination based on the response received from the outbound client. For example, if a NACK is received, then the destination message status is updated to ERROR. I believe certain other destination connectors do something similar as well (HTTP Sender and JMS Sender).

    Right now, there is no way to "intercept" the response before it is forwarded back to the destination connector. It would be a major boon if we could have a filter and transformer specifically for responses on destination connectors. So the updated dataflow would be:

    1. LLP Sender sends HL7 message to outbound client

    2. Client sends back HL7 ACK (or NACK)

    3. The ACK flows through the response filter; here the developer has the option to filter the response so that it will never reach the destination connector. To the destination connector, it would be as if the outbound client never sent an ACK at all. For example, you could filter an HL7 ACK if the MSH.10 control code doesn't equal the control code of the message that was originally sent out.

    4. The ACK flows through the response transformer if it wasn't filtered; here the developer has the option to transform the response as she sees fit. For example, an MSA.1 AR code could be updated to AA for all responses, or based on certain criteria.

    5. The final response gets forwarded onto the destination connector, and all the standard LLP Sender settings will apply (processing an HL7 ACK, sending the response to a different channel, etc.).

    If you also think this is a great idea, vote for it on JIRA!
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    I'm not sure if there was a JIRA issue for it before, but this is planned for 3.0
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