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Mirth Connect 4.1.0 is now available as an appliance update and on our GitHub page. Mirth Connect 4.1.0 includes new features such as new event log messages, additional fields to the Welcome to Mirth Connect screen, new information included in alerts as well as many smaller changes, updates, and improvements. This release also contains several improvements to commercial extensions. See the release notes for the list of fixes and updates.

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For discussion on this release, see this thread.
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Handling blank lines in LLP Listener

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  • Handling blank lines in LLP Listener

    I have an LLP listener which seems to work fine unless an incoming HL7 message has a blank line in it, in which case Mirth appears to split the message, parses the first part as best it can, then errors out on the second part since it isn't a valid HL7 message by itself.

    Any thoughts on how to get around this? I've tried "Wait for End of Message Char" and that doesn't seem to help.

    If you need a sample HL7 message, let me know, but it looks to me as if any blank line in a given HL7 message will cause this.

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    Re:Handling blank lines in LLP Listener

    To clarify a bit further, by "blank line" I mean back-to-back "0a" characters.

    My delimiters are set as follows in the channel:
    Start of Message Char: 0x0B
    End of Message Char: 0x1C
    Record Separator Char: 0x0D
    End of Segment Char: 0x0D


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      Re:Handling blank lines in LLP Listener

      This appears to be caused by this line
      if ((line.length() == 0) || line.equals((char) endOfMessage) || line.startsWith("MSH")) {
      in BatchMessageProcessor.processHL7Messages(). Is this the intended behavior on the part of Mirth? Is there a way to modify this behavior via the interface?


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        Re:Handling blank lines in LLP Listener

        There is no way to modify this directly, however if you add it to the Jira, we can make the batch processor and option on the LLP side.

        Chris Lang


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          Re:Handling blank lines in LLP Listener


          Thanks for checking this out, Chris.


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            Re:Handling blank lines in LLP Listener

            Wait for end of message character should take care of this if you use it in conjunction with the non-strict LLP validation UNLESS your sending program is putting the end of message character prematurely.
            Brendan Haverlock | Mirth Software Engineer | Mirth Corporation


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              Re:Handling blank lines in LLP Listener

              That's what I had hoped.

              I've attached a simple channel and 2 messages (blankline.txt and noblankline.txt) that will produce this behavior. Maybe you'll see something in there that I missed...
              blanklinetest.gz (1414 bytes)