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  • JavaScript Reference

    This file contains the functions and their descriptions in Mirth along with a link to an online JavaScript reference.

    JavaScript__Reference.doc (371200 bytes)

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    Brendan Haverlock | Mirth Software Engineer | Mirth Corporation

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    Re:JavaScript Reference

    Is there any possibility of listing the parameters for each function outlined in this document? Or is there a way to do that from the source? I am looking for more details regarding these functions and their usage.



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      Re:JavaScript Reference

      I second that -- functions are not much use if we don't know the argument list, return code/type.

      thanks -- doc is exactly what I was looking for.



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        Re:JavaScript Reference

        Whoah.. Let's not get crazy here :cheer: I third that, Why it isn't readily available is beyond me? I guess you need a support contract and they email it to you right away? Has to be somewhere?
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          Re:JavaScript Reference

          Many (not all) of the Mirth objects are actually base Java objects, they get exposed as Javascript via the Rhino engine.

          I had to do some monkeying with a result set and was able to use this JDBC doco as a reference:

          It would be helpful to us, as well as less work for the person doing the doco, if there are other cases like this to cite those, then we can just go find the Java doco and use that instead of having to recreate it all.