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help me to pass ObjectMessage to my JMS Wrtiter

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  • help me to pass ObjectMessage to my JMS Wrtiter

    hi to all,

    I am working on mirth 1.5 jms writer, i am able to send the Text message to my Message driven bean deployed in jboss but i coud not able to send ObjectMessage to my Jboss MessageDrivenBean. if any one know how to send please farword the procedure to me please.

    I am able to cerate java Object in my mirth transformer when i am sending this object to MessageUueue in jboss it gives the exception of ClassCastException : ObjectMesssage, even thiough i am send the Object from mirth, mirth could not able to wrap in to ObjectMessage automatically, mirth is sending the javaObject directly to server/queue, there at my server/queue i am receiving the same javaObject rather than it wrapped into ObjectMessage Class, problem is MessageDrivenBean will take the message which is an object of any one of these: TextMessage,ObjectMessage,StreamMessage.

    Thank u in advance.
    looking forward for your replay.

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    Re:help me to pass ObjectMessage to my JMS Wrtiter

    Hi shaiknoor_basha,
    I am in almost the same situation that you are in. See my post:

    Can you please help me with how to create the java object in mirth transformer? Did you create the object in the filter using javascript like...
    var message = new Hl7Message();
    I tried that - but mirth says it does not recognize my custom class. I put the class in a JAR and dropped it in the {mirth_home}/lib directory and restarted mirth. But I did not see mirth being able to recognize the custom class.
    Also, how do you tell Mirth to pass the newly created object to the MessageQueue?

    Thanks a lot for your help.
    - jose mathews