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What to do with ERROR status

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  • What to do with ERROR status

    I have a Dabasereader to a LLP sender. Occasionally (3 on 290) I get an Error message

    ERROR-408: MLLP Connector error
    ERROR MESSAGE:	Can't save payload to queue
    	at com.webreach.mirth.server.mule.providers.mllp.MllpMessageDispatcher.doDispatch(
    	at org.mule.providers.AbstractMessageDispatcher$
    	at Source)
    What does "can't save payload to queue" mean ??

    How can I retry this action, so nothing gets lost ??

    290 is the total of messages received on the source so there is no large load.

    I checked the ReProcess action on the Error and see that a HL7 message is sent but the status is nog changed to SENT.

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    Re:What to do with ERROR status

    Are you using 1.5?
    Chris Lang


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      Re:What to do with ERROR status



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        Re:What to do with ERROR status

        How large are your messages? Is this a fresh install of 1.5 and are you using Derby or Postgres as the db?

        You can prevent queueing by turning off "use persistent queues" on the LLP sender.
        Chris Lang


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          Re:What to do with ERROR status

          yes this is a fresh 1.5 install with imported channels. I'm using derby and the messages are small ADT-messages.
          The query on the database is continuously. On 7000 Received messages on the source connector I have 20 errors by now.

          I'm a little confused by the functionality of the Reprocess Action. I would expect that the Error is reprocessed on the destination it failed. On the dashboard I see the received counter incremented as wel as the sent counter. I would expect onlu the sent counter to be incremented because no new messages is received on the source connecter.

          I would als expect the error counter to decrement because an ERROR mesaage was retransmitted and th error situation was solved.

          I guess to keep track of all Error situations I need Persistent Queue to be ON.

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            Re:What to do with ERROR status

            When you reprocess a message, it sends it through the entire channel - it will show up as a received and sent. It will also not update the error status. You will have to clear these manually.

            You do not need to leave queuing on for errors to be reported/reprocessed. Without the queue, the errored messages still appear in the message browser and can be reprocessed.
            Chris Lang