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    I was assigned to implement CMS's esMD initiative to submit medical records to CMS electronically.

    I installed Mirth Connect and the NHIN Connector does not appear to be part of the installation. Is this a commercial only option?

    I have PDFs stored on an NTFS filesystem and cataloged in a SQL table, with the filename and path. I do not need any querying. As the initiator, I want to perform a deferred submit of PDFs to CMS over the NHIN. There will be two confirmations of document receipt. When the confirmations are received, I want to record them in a SQL table linked to the original file.

    How do I tell Mirth Connect to transmit a file? If I create a channel with a source connector type of database reader, will Connect periodically poll the table, or do I have to use Web Services to tell Connect to send the files?

    I assume that I will create a second channel to handle the deferred ACKs confirming file receipt, correct?

    Should I use my first channel with two destinations, one destination transmits the file, and the second destination records the transmission in my SQL table? Then, I use the second channel to record the replies to my transmission into the same table?



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    To answer your question regarding the NHIN connector, yes, it is a commercial only option. You would need to have the proper support contract, as well as a Mirth Appliance. For more information please feel free to contact sales:


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      esMD initiative to submit medical records to CMS electronically


      We need to implement Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation to CMS.

      Can u provide assistance to configure connect in order to submit medical records to CMS.