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Characteristic of a 'broken' message

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  • Characteristic of a 'broken' message

    I and my co-workers have encountered numerous instances where messages get queued up continuously. If we search the log file before it is taken out of service, there will be an error message indicating that a specific message file is broken. Once that broken message is deleted, the rest of the queued messages will flow.

    If it is too late to identify the broken message file, then the only recourse that I can think of is to clone the channel and put it into service. This leaves a bunch of data that needs to be resent in the disabled channel...

    So how do I identify the broken message in the queue folder?


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    Usually by the length. Broken queued messages has a lenght of "0"

    ...But it's extremaly rare than mirth generates broken messages. Unter what circunstancers are they produced?


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      All depends on your definition of "broken" I suppose. You can code filters to check messages as they pass through and prevent them from going to the destination, but the simplest fix is to turn on "rotate messages in queue".
      This way if one doesn't get acked, Mirth will move on to the next and come back to the affected message later.
      You could also ask the administrators of the receiving system to NAK....but there are some people whom, for whatever reason can't, or won't do this.
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