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JMS Session is closed error when broker restarts

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  • JMS Session is closed error when broker restarts

    I have a channel which has a JMS Writer as a destination and it outputs to a remote OpenMQ broker.
    When the broker restarts I see errors in the mirth log stating: "Cannot perform operation, connection is closed."
    I of course understand that the session is closed since the broker has restarted but I don't understand why Mirth cannot try to create another session and if even that fails try to create another connectionFactory.
    That seems like the reasonable solution to me and I've seen it happen in other connection-dependant frameworks.

    I'd be happy to hear if there is a concrete answer and if not if someone can point me to the right area I'd be more than happy to suggest a fix (some might consider this an enhancement).

    Thanks for reading this.

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    Hi There;

    Can you post your channel so we can have a look at your code?

    Please strip out any confidential data before doing so.

    I can be reached through gmail and Google Talk using davidrothbauer at gmail dot com

    Test all my code suggestions prior to implementation


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      Thanks for your time.

      I've attached my channel.
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