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    You can say something to me on:

    when reading that "Provides date security, auditing, and encryption",

    what is thist _type_ of security? Can you explain me if is aplied to the comunications or to the DDBB, or...

    It said that is supported EDI messages by the EDI incoming data type. How can i use this incoming data type.

    How can i create the EDI messages? Have you any EDI editor or use a third part?

    And analyzing the webservices layer of the mirth and I wanted to ask:

    If with the point of communication SOAP a service can publish Web,

    Can i publish a SOAP service with SOAP communication point or is only alowed to invoke a SOAP service?

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    Re:Soap, edi

    Data security is provided by user login accounts, the ability to audit system events and message histories and automatic message encryption (if desired on the Channel). In addition, all Mirth communication with the client is over an encrypted HTTPS connection.

    You use the EDI data type by choosing EDI on your channel summary page. You can create an EDI message just like an HL7 message by using a template. EDI is supported in the same capacity that HL7 is in Mirth.

    Mirth offers both a SOAP listener and a SOAP invoker. Mirth exposes a WSDL that can be queried and then provides a method that can be invoked over an HTTP connection. In addition, it provides a SOAP sender which can invoke a WebService.
    Chris Lang