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    I use a channel, whose entrance is SOAP. Several problems have arisen me:

    1-I have problems with importing the channel, when I select the file to load Mirth does not load it. Could it be the size?. The exported channel occupies 3MB.

    2-Does Mirth allow to raise more than one SOAP channel ?

    3- If I change the SOAP port that Mirth puts by defect when creating the channel, It does not work correctly. Mirth does not allow it?

    Thanks for your aid

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    Re:soap in channel

    Perhaps someone with more experience will respond, but until then here are my findings - it would be helpful if you found any entries in the Mirth.log and posted them.

    When I export a soap channel on version 1.4 it is roughly 20kb, so 3MB seems unusual. I have been able to change the port and deploy multiple soap channels.


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      Re:soap in channel

      3MB channel? Can you email that to me at chrisl [at] - that seems very unusual. If it is proprietary and you can't send it, can you describe the contents?
      Chris Lang


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        Re:soap in channel

        The problem is that the Web service I invoke has several operations. The definition of the the webservices is too big, so whenever I invoke the webservice the channel grows enormously. I presume I will have to use an intermediate webservice to invoke the the rest of webservices.

        The problem I had with the webservices was that I defined them in this way:

        And the correct way was: