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    I am running mirth 1.4 on two boxes. I am trying to send an ADT message from box A to box B. On box B I have a channeled configured to accept the message and a destination of channel writer set to none from which I attempt to map a custom response object containing however it does not like the response Object as an ACK - invalid message format. I have also tried encoding my custom ack from the source tab by appending my desired message to the end of the message in the Successful ACK box - the issue here is that it renders vertical bars as \\F\\\\F\\\\F\\. I would like to have an envirnoment to test error ack messages by receiving an ADT message and sending back the ACK with the error of my choice. I have also tried HL7 browser but it seems to be rendering my custom ack messages with invalid characters on the begining and end resulting in the following in the dashboard output: MSH|^~\\&|SEND - which generates an ACK message violates LLP protocol error. Does anyone have any suggestions for configuring a test environment to take an adt message and send back a custom ack using mirth or perhaps another open source hl7 listener that simply allows custom ack messages? perhaps I am misuing mirth and/or HL7 browser

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    Re:Custom Ack

    Looks like cut and paste into HL7 browser is not the best idea