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Mirth Admin stops loading on Loading Components

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  • Mirth Admin stops loading on Loading Components

    As the title says, the Mirth Admin console, stalls on loading components. We checked the java console and there are no errors showing up on it. We have restarted the mirth server and nothing happens.

    We are using Mirth 1.3 at the moment, we are looking for ways to make the admin console work again, if not we need to know how to back up mirth, the SQL, channels and filters because if we do need a reinstall we are going to loose a lot of work which we dont want to.

    Is there a way to back up the channels, SQL queries and filters in mirth. With out using the admin console?
    More to the point is there any way to get the Admin Console responding/working again?

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    Re:Mirth Admin stops loading on Loading Components

    We found this huge file on:
    Its about 4.5GB in size and it keeps growing, is this a file that could cause the administrator to crash?
    What is its role?

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      Re:Mirth Admin stops loading on Loading Components

      This is a known issue and resolved in the next release.

      When the message volume is very high, Mirth will continue processing messages but the client will not load. This is because the status panel is running a "SELECT COUNT(*)" query on the message database which is taking several minutes. These calls eventually get backed up and cause the admin client to never load.

      You need to clear your message database - there is a tool called Squirel SQL which can login to the Derby database Mirth is using. Here you can clear messages, backup your channels etc.

      The next release of Mirth is shipping with support for SQL Server, Postgres SQL, Oracle and MySQL as a database - we recommend any external db for large volumes or production use.

      If you need help with Squirel SQL, feel free to email me at chrisl [at]
      Chris Lang


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        Re:Mirth Admin stops loading on Loading Components

        Alright I managed to get Squirrel SQL connected to the mirthdb database, am I correct to assume I am only interested in the APP database?

        Also is it safe to clear the message table as well as message_(random literals)? How do I back up the channels, scripts and SQL scripts, as well as were are they in the database?