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help needed urgently on xml to hl7

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  • help needed urgently on xml to hl7

    hey the sample message which i have posted , mirth is taking data from there n not my xml ????
    My xml looks like <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    n i have pasted the out going data as follows:MSH|^~\&|Mirth|1|||2006044535||ADT^A04|603 340|D|2.3.1
    PID|1|800888^^^Mirth^PN|999945682^^^^1||TEST^PATIE NT MF||19570414|M||W|21 PALM MANOR^^EAST SYRACUSE^NY^130570000^^M|31|||E|M||6635130^^^Mirth ^VN^1|000987655|||2|||||NOT A VETERAN|||N
    when i begin the transformation my file looks something like this:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <CX.1>&lt;caseid&gt;101&lt;/caseid&gt; &lt;caseid&gt;102&lt;/caseid&gt; &lt;caseid/&gt;</CX.1>
    <XAD.1>21 PALM MANOR</XAD.1>
    <CE.1>NOT A VETERAN</CE.1>
    where is the data which i had send in my xml file ? why is it showing me the data which i posted as a sample .please tell me asap

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    Re: help needed urgently on xml to hl7

    The output message is based on the template.

    What you need is to map from your custom XML to the hl7 elements you&#039;ve defined in the template. There is no "magic" tranformation


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      Re: help needed urgently on xml to hl7

      ok that means i need to construct my own hl7 message construct and only the data would be taken from the xml file provided?ie if i need to create a hl7 message , provide the entire skeleton n data would fill automatically based on my xml can you give me an example coz when the message is constructed why am i getting CDATA IN MY RESPONSE IT SHOULD DIRECTLY PUT THE DATA INSTEAD OF PUTTING THE CDATA AFTER TRANFORMATION . PLEASE CLEARIFY


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        Re: help needed urgently on xml to hl7

        Hi albert, I have the same problem with deepganu. How do we do the mapping? do you have samples of xml files of your transformers? a basic one will do. please help us. By the way, do we have to do the string replacement for a simple transformation?? Thank you!