Hi guys.

I am wondering how to get multiple records/results in 'one' hl7 message.

Now my sample template has say 5 records in it.
If my actual data/sql result has more or less than 5, what should I do.

As the number of records will always be unknown, what should be in a sample template.

Should it contain one entry of every message type.. MSH, PID, PV1, OBX, OBR .. etc etc

That will then give me all the required fields/segments I need for creating mapping and formatting my message data.

Some of the threads I have read seem to use Java Script to obtain multiple records rsults, others mention using a second SQL statement.
I am trying to review this 'very' quickly, to see if it's something we want to spend time on, and develope further.

Plus it will be supported by another department, who may or may not have any understanding of Java/XML/SQL.