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Mirth and QRY messages

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  • Mirth and QRY messages

    I'm arguing with the GE MIK and Mirth to get Mirth to send the MIK QRY messages and then correctly handle the response sent from the MIK.

    Does anyone have exeperience sending messages to the MIK? I'm comfortable getting data from it, but never had the need to send anything to it.

    Does anyone have experience using QRY messages? I am a bit lost as to how the responses are routed. Is it sent like an ACK??

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re:Mirth and QRY messages

    When gaining my limited experience with QRY messages, the response was indeed handled in lieu of the ACK. The standard ACK was modified on the fly.

    I haven't worked with in in Mirth, yet, but it looks like custom a ACK is possible.


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      Re:Mirth and QRY messages

      Mirth's ACK manage is automathic.

      For a query response, try the next:

      Each destination has access to the previous destination?s responses (in the response map). You can setup a ?final? destination with a Channel Writer going to ?None?. Inside of the transformer, you can modify the response map (add new entries, etc). Entries you add to the response map need to be ?Response? objects (there is a helper function to create them). The source tab will automatically populate with any responseMap.put() statements it finds in the JS.


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        Re:Mirth and QRY messages

        We haven't had luck sending data to the MIK either...we'd be interested in figuring out how.
        Chris Lang