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Quest Lab orders and Results Channels

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  • Quest Lab orders and Results Channels

    Dears Sirs and Madams or the Mirth User Community,
    I am interested in creating channels to communicate from MS SQL SERVER -backed lab system to Quest. If you have a channel that communicates with Quest, I would like to see it. I'm a new employee for a small clinic, so we don't have a ton of cash to burn, but if you can send me sample channels that are similar to what we need to do, I would pay.

    Short of that, can anyone point me to an example of a channel that retrieves an HL7 message and makes a web service call?

    Thank you, hope this works,

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    HL7 Lab Order Solution


    I have implemented Lab Order Interface for Quest.
    My Interface can send order to quest and can recive result from quest.

    I can help you.



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      Hi Jnanesh, I would love to see your Quest channel. If you don't mind sending it. I'll send you a private message with my contact info,


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        Jnanesh, would you mind sharing the Quest Channel with me too. Can send contact info. Thanks


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          Isn't the "Mirth Exchange" for the purpose of sharing Channels? Or is that only for premium support? If not, can you post it to "Mirth Exchange" for all to leverage?


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            Yea...Mirth Exchange is not getting any love...maybe we can search for all the channels people have posted and repost to the exchange forum...

            Just a thought..


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              Hello there,

              Are the channels available?

              Rgds Matthy
              X Connections


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                Hi Jnanesh,
                I also want to see your Quest Channel. I am new to Mirth and am trying to develop interface that can retrieved Results from Quest. I have created a channel and when I use the wsdl provided by Quest (hub 360) I am authenticated and the methods pop up e.g. getResults, getMoreResults and acknowledgeHL7Results etc. However I have to use the dashboard feature to send a message in order to get a response. How do I do the following:
                1. I need to know how to invoke/poll the Quest web service within Mirth Connect without having to send a message to the channel. There must be some way to do this.
                2. I need some information about how to supply values to the parameters in the Quest web services (soap envelope) operations without having to hardcode them.
                Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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                  please i am also new mirth tool please send me sample example for Quest Lab orders and Results Channels

                  please help any one....


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                    Quest Order/Results Channel

                    I know this is an old thread but I would like to see those Quest Orders/Results channels. Could someone send an example over?