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    I have a channel that was initially created in 2.0.1 which reached the queue limit of 1001. After that, even once the destination came back online, the queue refuses to empty. Using wireshark, it does not appear that Mirth is attempting outbound connections. I have since upgraded the server to Mirth Connect 2.1.0 but the messages have still not been delivered. The destination is set up as an LLP sender with ACK Processing enabled. It is set to rotate messages in a persistent queue. If I examine the appdata\queue\{guid}\ directory, there is the same number of files as displayed on the dashboard. No errors are being logged as far as I can tell. Using the "Test Connection" button, Mirth will connect to the host and other servers are successfully processing messages through this host. Any suggestions as to what I can do to get the messages to send (without losing those currently queued)?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    I'm not sure why they won't send...there is probably something wrong that you can fix to get them to send. However, you could always reprocess the queued messages, and them remove them after you've reprocessed them.
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      I occasionally have an issue where messages will get stuck in a queue, and the only way I have found to clear it out is to restart the Mirth Connect service.

      Nothing special about the channels; normally they run without issue. I am just offering up a possible solution for the meantime


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        After working with it for a while, we found that we had changed the destination IP with messages in queue and redeployed the channel. However, mirth still attempts to deliver to the old ip for the remainder of the queue. We ended up having to change our host to the old ip that mirth was still using to get the messages to go through. (JIRA: MIRTH-1401)

        Thank you for your help.
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