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  • Filter - Destination Behaviour

    Hi, I am fairly new to MIRTH, at the moment I am working version 1.2, I just took over from another person working on the system.

    However the question is this, it seems that the previous programmer wrote multiple destinatins each consisting of an individual step in the larger data-entry process. However it seems like Mirth only likes firing on one destination.

    So is it safe to assume, if the filter returns false Mirth will try the next destination rule, if not, it will fire what ever is in the destination rule for the channel and reply success, and not try the other destinations?

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    Re:Filter - Destination Behaviour

    Actually, does Mirth do any spcial processing with ADT-A01?
    Because all the other filters for all the other messages get triggered EXCEPT ADT-A01?
    Also is there a way to "debug" rather than just like looking at the log, is there some sort of detailed debug output ior anything?


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      Re:Filter - Destination Behaviour

      Plese, could you post the channel?