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Creating the right HL7 for every event type

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  • Creating the right HL7 for every event type

    Hi guys!
    Every event like admitting patients, accepting visits etc need different message segments accordingly in HL7. Should I make use of different channels for every type???

    I tried creating a channel with a transformer. I put an xml message in the incoming data. However, when I put an ADT-A01, it will transformed the xml following the inbound template. It will add several codes found on the inbound message which are not needed anyway.. How do I control this? Is there a way Mirth 1.4 handle this easily?

    What kind of sample HL7 must I put?Does filter has a function for this?
    Please guide. I a using Message Builder.

    Thank you in advance! I will greatly apprciate your help!

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    Re:Creating the right HL7 for every event type

    I tried mapping every single value per step in the mesage builder. Now, the problem I got is I have an incomplete sample of HL7 message. Does anyone has a complete one? with all the segments and subfields? Please..Thanks!