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Why can't I retain my quotes?

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  • Why can't I retain my quotes?

    I'm using a file reader channel to read a delimited text file and and routing it to another location, but my channel is removing quotes that I don't want it to remove.

    Example - the raw file picked up is as such:


    But as soon as my source connector picks up the message, the encoded message on the source and all data on the destination has the quotes removed:


    I need the quotes to remain in the file when sent to the final location, but I can't seem to identify the properties required to ensure this happens. I'm reading some of the data from the file to use in the name of the outgoing file. I think I can send the rawData of the message in my destination template, but I really would like the encodedMessage to show exactly what's being sent for simplicity of support down the road.

    Where am I going astray? Thanks.
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    Apparently if you remove the "Quote Character" in the delimited text properties entirely, it still assumes the default double quotes is the character used for that property. By changing this property to a single quote I accomplished exactly what I needed.