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    I am creating a simple outbound datareader to HL7 ADT_A04 channel. My outbound sample HL7 happens to contain data. I mapped my fields no problem and deployed the channel. Problem is when the transform takes place the transformed message contains my raw data merged with my sample data. What do I need to do to stop this from happening? Do I need to use an empty sample HL7 message? My second issue is the "Template:" field for a destination. I can't find any documentation whatsoever on this field. The "Test Outbound" channel example in the file repository contains "R7: ${HL7 ER7} XML: ${HL7 XML}" in that field. What does this mean. To have my end result be serialized HL7 should I be using "Encoded Data". Where is the documentation for this field? How do I use it?

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    Re:Channel Questions

    This post is almost 1 month old. Are you still wanting answers to these questions, or have you already found the answer?