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  • eGate problem

    I have a problem using Mirth with eGate (Sun/Seebeyond)
    When I send a message using the queues (eGate is a mono thread server!!!):
    a. Mirth open the connection to eGate
    b. all the exchange of packages are correct
    c. Mirth closes the connection send a FIN/ACK and eGate sends back an ACK
    d. eGate waits for 2 seconds and send to Mirth a FIN/ACK (it seems that it wants to close the connection also if the connection was closed before)

    If Mirth send a message in this interval eGate allows that the connection is opened send back all ACK but when receives the hl7 part reset the connection. Mirth put this message in ERROR status and so we have to resend it manually!

    It seems that the only solution is to insert a delay between messages in Mirth queue ...

    Some one have the same problems, or have some suggestions?

    I belive that eGate is :sick: but is very diffuse in Europe Hospitals because a lot of companies use it as hl7 integrator.

    Thanks for help,

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    Re:eGate problem

    Try setting the ACK timeout higher in Mirth's LLP sender, OR set it to 0 to disable waiting for ACKs.
    Chris Lang


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      Re:eGate problem

      The ack waiting time is set to 50000.
      I will try with 0.
      I attach the sniffing of the connection (port 11000)

      Claudio (6001 bytes)

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        Re:eGate problem

        The ack timeout to 0 don't fix the problem.