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New to Mirth connect. Need help configuring

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  • New to Mirth connect. Need help configuring

    I am new to Mirth connect. Am excited about the features and utility of the product.

    Just got started with configuring mirth connect for my vendor.

    I will tell you what I want achieved, would be great if you could tell me the way to do it.

    I would like to map the incoming csv file column values (name, address, dob etc), to variables in javascript, do transformations like date changes with javascript, and then write to oracle database.

    I am not clear about what I will setup as source connector inbound, outbound, destination outbound.

    Appreciate your help

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    Teb dem to sql

    Here is a basic channel to get you there, it reads in basic TAB delemited Text file (change to accept commas instead) and then write to MS SQL Database (Which you could change to Oracle with a few tweaks). I would have created an Oracle version as I use them all the time, just didnt have the time.

    Load it, look through it and take some time to understand whats going on, then change it to fit your needs.
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      Thanks. Will work with it and let you know the result.


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        Thanks and couple of questions

        I modified the channel with my column names, oracle connectivity etc...but still the column PVID that you defined keeps showing up.

        I am not sure if this is a problem with changes not saving. Also, when I look into the errors after deploying the channel, the time shown is wrong. In the channel file, it is mentioned Eastern. My time zone is Mountain. This is not a big concern for me, but the log shows time as 17:08 now, which is not any time zone.


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          Worked. I did a mistake while mapping. Thanks.