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  • Windows Authentication

    Is there a way to use Windows Active Directory authentication to connect to our databases rather than a direct connection?

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    Re: Windows Authentication

    I am not sure if the Java JDBC model allows for this, however it might be possible with certain drivers. Which database type are you attempting to connect to?

    Please add this to the tracker ( as a feature request so that we can better manage things.

    Chris Lang


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      Re: Windows Authentication

      Look for the domain property at jTDS JDBC Driver for your answer.

      You SQL Server connection string could be something like this:


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        Re: Windows Authentication

        This is also possible using the Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver.

        Download it here:
        Add it to mirth/conf/dbdrivers.xml

        Read the driver docs, there is a file that needs to be added to the path or copied to windows/system32 to support it.

        I have only seen the docs I have not yet decided to implement this. I opted to use the JTDS drivers (as DaBuddaMan suggested).


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          Mirth stopped running after active directory installation

          I have installed active directory on my 2003 server and noticed that Mirth is no long working. I can log in. When I checked the mirth service under services, it was stop. I went to properties and click start. It showed status as "started" for few seconds then again status changed to Stopped. Please help me what heppen and how can I fix that.